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The ideology that determines my painting dwells between two opposite poles: the
negation of a place the mundane, distorted space in which we live and which has
been created by and for humans and the poetic dimension of that same place;
tracing back memories and dreams. The juxtaposition between the ruined urban
landscape and the landscape of dreams is not only a personal testimony, but also an
act of liberation, realized through the act of painting.

The phase spanning the years 19772009 has its origins in a conscious decision
dating from a time when environmental issues had not yet become fashionable, as
they are now. It comprises several series of paintings, including:

Landscapes of Decline, Idolatry of Nature, Natural Habitat,
Coastal Cities, Labyrinth Cities, Secret Windows, Migrant Landscape,
Travelling Islands, The Veins of Dreams.

Since 2011 she has been working on a series of works entitled "Citadel",
an imaginary record of cities of the future that alludes to violence,
fear and human loneliness.
At the same time, she has carried on working on mixed-media small paintings.

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