Athens 1937

Studied painting under K. Iliadis’s (1956–1959, Athens), André Lhôte and at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (1959–1960, Paris). Fifteen solo exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki (1968–2016). Has participated in over 100 group exhibitions since 1960, (Greece) including Panhellenic Exhibitions (1960, 1963, 1967, 1971, 1987), the 3ème Biennale des Jeunes (Paris, 1963), La peinture Grecque 1968–88 (Brussels, 1988). National Art gallery. HELLENIC PRESIDENCY 2003, National Art gallery & Ministry of Culture.

Andriadou’s works are included in various collections (Greek National Gallery, Museum of the City of Athens, Institute for Mediterranean Studies, the National Bank Cultural Foundation, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of the Aegean Region, Teloglion Foundation of Art, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio, Modern Greek Art Museum the City of Rhodes, in Vikelaia Library- Creta island etc.).

The Archive of Julia Andriadou, since 2011 is at ISET (Contemporary Greek Art Institute) and at MIET (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation). In 2011 she also donated a number of paintings that are representative of her fifty-year-long career to the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET) and she continues the donation.

Solo Exhibitions
1968 "Astor" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1969 "Ôechni" Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1972 "Astor" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1972 "Cochlias" Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1976 "Ora" Art & Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
1981 "Nees Morphes" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1983 "Ĺpoches" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1986 "Nees Morphes" Gallery, Athens, Greece
1990 "Ángathi" Art Gallery, Athens, Greece
1992 Art & Cultural Centre "Ora", Athens, Greece
1993 "Z. Athanasiadou" Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
1994 "Fine Art Gallery-N. Psychiko", Athens, Greece
1998 "Espace Kreonidis", Athens, Greece
1999 "Ôrigono" Gallery, Athens, Greece
2016 "National Bank Cultural Foundation", Athens
Other professional activities related to Fine Arts

Four books of stories for children, written and illustrated by the artist, have been published by "Kedros". She has also illustrated books for children, for editions of the University of Crete, and designed the front covers of a number of novels

She has collaborated with the magazine "i lexi" in the following issues: 18, 114, 120, 121, 123/124, 127, 142, 145, 149/50, 158, 164 "The Aegean sea, Literature & Art" 2001, 177/178.

As of 2003-2013, she contributes regularly to the “Astrolavos – artlife” gallery.

She is a member in Linkedin since 2014.

She is a member of ΕΕΤΕ (Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece)

Her book "LOW FLIGHT" (EURASIA Publications) was published in 2010. It features several of her paintings and excerpts from her journals.
There is a monography (four pages) about Julia Andriadou's work, in the book under the title
"Through the gaze and thought"
Texts on Art and Artists (1987 - 2014) by the professor
Yannis Kolokotronis, published in 2015 by Melissa publications.

Identifiers/Mentions in the Press - References in Greek newspapers, magazines, Radio, TV broadcasts and Internet
2012   ELIA Greek Literature and Historical Archive. (Andriadou Julia).
2016   "TA ONEIRA", (Dreams) (video).
2017   ISET ContemporaryGreek art Institute (Andriadou Julia)
2017   AKL Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon - Internationale Kunstlerdatenbank - Online 5 Oct. 2011 (
VIAF ID 187205975
Union list of Artist Names ID 5000353530
Library of Congress's authority ID no 2011163591
National Library of Greece ID 88998
Official Website
Two thank-you cards relating to Julia Andriadou's book "LOW FLIGHT"

Sent by the eminent Greek curator at the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art, Andros (Greece), Kyriakos Koutsomallis.

Dear Mrs Andreiadou,
Thank you for giving me the pleasure of holding in my hands this little
masterpiece that's brimming with delicacy and feeling.
What a magnificent combination and identification of image and word?
This form of being does not presage closing down but opening up to life.
It isn't half but all of you that will remain a kid. Which is what I wish you
wholeheartedly. And, to remember Matisse: 'I hope we will always stay
young, no matter how old we grow.'
You continue to lift yourself through Art. These are your words.
If I'm repeating them, it's because they express meaning.

With my renewed thanks, please accept also my sincere congratulations.

With great esteem and friendly regards,
Kyriakos Koutsomallis

Sent by acclaimed Greek poet Kiki Dimoula

My dear Julia,
Not a low, but a magical flight! I mean it quite literally:
I had little idea it would reveal to me such gossamer,
silky veins as dreams have and such wailful landscape-migrations!
Even just the titles you've assigned to the [book's] sections are
the envy of verses by worthy poets who had no luck devising them.
Honestly: originality as prudent and as lyrical is rare.

I congratulate you and I thank you warmly.

With much love,

Short comments on Linkedin from well-known artists for Julia Andriadou's work
Andrea Cenacchi
Freelance Photographer pressoSelf employed
Varese Area, Italy
To Julia Andriadou
(...) I wish I could fully explain how important your words have been to me. I am so
happy that my art is able to make someone fly (...) When others enjoy my images like
you do, my happiness is real; nothing to do with the enflated ego of some artists.

Michael Lyons
Michael Lyons (Sculptor)
Cawood, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Fine Art
Thank you for your kind message. I am very pleased that you like my work. I also
looked at your website too and found your paintings fascinating - you have a really
serious and consistent body of work.
Very best wishes - Michael

David Marc Flower
David M Flower at Flower glass
Gloucester, United Kingdom
Arts and Crafts
From David Marc Flower
To Julia Andriadou
Date Nov 15, 2014
Hi Julia,
I have just been in your website and wanted to congratulate you on your painting
talent, fantastic work.

John Evans
Just Me at jev ceramics
United Kingdom
Arts and Crafts
To Julia Andriadou
Date Dec 30, 2014
The privilege is all mine Julia. Must looked at your website. Such stunning and
inspirational work. Best wishes to you too for the new year

Shiho Kanzaki
Owner at Shiho Kanzaki'sAnagama
Shiga, Japan
Fine Art
From Shiho Kanzaki
To Julia Andriadou
Date Jan 14, 2015
Thank you for adding me on your linkedin network.
I'm very honoured to be your linkedin friend.
If you've an opportunity to come to Japan.please visit to my studio.
Shiho Kanzaki

Susan Holland
Painter USA
Bellevue WA 98006 USA
Date May 2015
Julia, your work is so impressive as is you CV. Hope you will consider being a
"seasoned critic" on our panel, as time allows. I LOVE YOUR WORK.
I'd like to add you to my professional network on Linkedin.
Susan Holland

Edgardo Gottfried
Arquitecto * Artista * Escritor
Architecture & Planning
From Edgardo Gottfried
To Julia Andriadou
Date Jul 28, 2015
Dear Julia
You are in the center of the world not the end!!! :-)
Thanks for your concepts.
Your work and cities are very interestings, too.
I like very much!
You work like an architect or urbanist!
Congratulations and go!
Regards, edgardo

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